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Positive feedback loops:


a) we do more of what we do well (EarthCare), and so get better at it, and so get further convinced this is the way to go because it seems both more pleasurable and successful.  *


b) people start teaching permaculture from this level (with some token references to other levels but no real volume or solid experience to back it), so their students have little hope of getting idea that permaculture design could be a lot more than that.  And so it (increasingly) isn't. 


c) there is more and more permaculture information out there which gives this general EarthCare bias (despite a general agreement of the 'problem' of the misconception that permaculture is a type of agriculture - with some alternative-energies and complementary currencies stuff thrown in)


d) the kinds of people who are particularly interested in the PeopleCare side of things don't find this type of permaculture bias particularly inspiring and so don't stick around - to bring their bias, skills and knowledge to the science.



* It actually is both more pleasurable and successful but (here is where the either-or duality thinking lets us down..) the facts also are that in the 30yrs that permaculture has spread throughout the globe,  overall systems (climate, economy, desertification, etc.) have got steadily worse.  This can only be put down to a problem of scale or time (as it invariably does) by people who are trapped into seeing things in terms of physical components.   What is inspiring about the articles in this wiki (eg. just the first two by Meadows) is that they point to large-scale, quick change being both possible and desirable, but we have to shift world-views, which can be done with some radical PeopleCare..




It could be argued that the 'EarthCare side' maps roughly onto

the "Visible Exterior" / right hand quadrants (also known as the 'male or yang' side of things) 


whilst the 'PeopleCare side' maps roughtly onto

the "Invisible Interior" / left hand quadrants (also more popularly known as the 'female or ying' side)


For evolution to move onwards all 4 quadrants have to co-evolve


Wilber argues very passionately about this problem of integration (which is the logical next evolutionary step) being actively slowed down by the "Mean Green Meme" set of problems..








There is some good information about driving positive feedback loops in Art2



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