On Sexism



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Although this wiki was created and is edited by a woman, and despite watching sexim very directly slow down the progress of our permacuture movement (not to mention hurt me and other female colleagues - repeatedly and considerably - within as well as outside that movement), it took me 21 articles to actually take it seriously enough myself to offer it here as an important consideration for 'advanced design' for permaculture activists.    Doh.


Not being taken seriously (individually and collectively: women's issues and concerns are often stereotypes as trivial) is perhaps the main (or most basic: all the rest sit on top) way that sexism operates.    So this will hopefully be a growing page of resources to balance out that big initial block.   (So if you've made it here, congratulations :)  You're not alone, but it ain't crowded either..


Note on sistemics of oppression: the most coherent theory of the causes and mechanics of oppression I've come across to date is described in Article10 (on the mind), can be seen here in full, and you can see where Oppression fits into this, in the menu to the left.